Terms and condition sales London & Kent Appliance Care

  1. Subject to the sale of goods the company London & Kent Appliance Care and the customer enter into an agreement that is to be follow and be governed by the general terms and conditions as follows
  2. The agreement between both customer and London & Kent Appliance Care is concluded and binding only when the placement of an order/purchase/repair/service is booked by the customer and acceptance as been agreed by London & Kent Appliance Care and confirmation has been submitted accepting the sale/repair/service from the customer this will be done by email confirmation of order based sales online or in other written format i.e a receipt from London & Kent Appliance Care has been received London & Kent Appliance Care withhold the rights to cancel or refuse to enter into an agreement at any time.
  3. When purchasing All mechanical/functional parts and water filters the customer must make sure these are to be fitted by a professional or competent person in accordance to any manufacturer guidelines /instructions failure to do this could result in damage this will be the customers sole responsibility and no obligation to London & Kent Appliance Care.
  4. Published product details, specifications and suitability information is the best available at the time. London & Kent Appliance Care shall not be held responsible for the inaccuracy of any advice /information given regarding the suitability (or otherwise) of any part/s/consumables required for the repair/sale or of an appliance. If you have ordered an item that has an unsuitable product description we will remedy this by providing you a full refund upon the return of the item cost of postage is to be made by the customer no obligation of cost to return is obligated to London & Kent Appliance Care.
  5. Refunds are subject to inspection once returned to London & Kent Appliance Care all returns are to be posted back to London & Kent Appliance Care at the customers cost of postage/delivery once the inspection is fully carried out then London & Kent Appliance Care would make a decision regarding refund upon inspection.
  6. Goods are to be returned in a resalable condition and in original packaging All goods are to be posted back by customer at no liable cost to London & Kent Appliance Care.
  7. Unwanted items are subject to a 30% restocking fee unwanted items should be reported and returned within 7 working days to be refunded upon inspection of the condition of goods written notification of the return or of an unwanted item is also required by email a copy of this is also required in the package of your return along with proof of purchase unwanted items should be returned within 5 working days and notice also received within this time.
  8. London & Kent Appliance Care will not be held responsible or accountable for any delays in delivery of any items purchased, or any loss’s which may have been incurred due to late/delayed delivery.
  9. Goods Damaged in transit must be reported within 3 days of delivery. We will require written description of damage and proof of damage and proof of purchase to be sent via email to London & Kent Appliance Care.
  10. Next Day Delivery are Only apply to items that clearly specify next to the item or in info that they are available for next day delivery subject to cut of times .Next day delivery is only available for orders placed before the specified cut-off time on a working day this is 1.30 pm please note items that are not available for next day delivery are subject to a waiting time of up to 8 working days.
  11. Missed delivery’s by the customer London & Kent Appliance Care will not be held responsible or accountable for any missed delivery’s by the customer it is the customers responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for the delivery to be met on time failure to deliver items due to customer not home/not available may result in the customer being charged for the redelivery of the item purchased and charged 30 % to restock if we are unable to make a delivery after purchase.
  12. Faulty items If a part is faulty or defective then we're really sorry. Return it to us within 14 days of delivery in the condition you received it and we'll arrange a refund or for a replacement part to be sent to you. Postage is to be at customer cost there will be no obligation to London & Kent Appliance Care regarding the cost of the postage of the return of the faulty item to us for a refund.
  13. The Sale of all domestic appliances and other electrical accessories/consumables come with a standard 12 month manufacturer warranty please refer to the manufacturer directly upon a break down ,defect or fault occurring although we try to make sure we obtain all the correct manufacturer contact details London & Kent Appliance Care cannot be held responsibility for any wrong information or incorrect details.
  14. London & Kent Appliance Care will not be held accountable for any faults or damage caused by the installation of a product/appliance purchased.
  15. Stock availability our online shop is audited regularly and items are checked against stock levels daily we strive to make sure these are accurate however sometimes this is not always possible London & Kent Appliance Care cannot be held accountable for loss’s caused due to items becoming out of stock at any point after or before sale if this happens you will be notified at the earliest opportunity and offered an alternative or a refund.
  16. London & Kent Appliance Carea all repairs are guaranteed for 6 months only for the fault that you originally called us out to look at if an engineer attends this job as an unpaid recall and we find the cause to be a different fault to original a charge for labour and diagnosing the new fault will apply.
  17. If the customer is quoted upon booking for a part the customer has advised they want to purchase and preorder for the repair if when the engineer arrives the part isn’t wanted or needed the customer is liable for a 30% restocking fee for the return of the unwanted item London & Kent Appliance Care will not be held accountable for this due to not having visited prior to diagnose the problem before a part is ordered.
  18. Integrated appliances maybe subject to additional charges if uninstallation is required for diagnostic/repair as installation or uninstallation is classed as a separate/additional service to a repair and your original charge for a repair does not cover the cost of an installation/uninstall of an appliance If the engineer onsite feels there is a risk of damage to appliance or customers property London & Kent Appliance Care withholds the right to refuse uninstallation/installation which makes this the sole responsibility of the customers to make the appliance fully accessible for the engineer to work on /diagnose fault. If we are not informed and the service of an uninstallation/installation becomes additional the customer maybe subject to a rebook of the repair/installation due to not giving us enough information so we can prepare a time scale suitable for the service needed.
  19. Cancellation of a repair London & Kent Appliance Care reserves the right to hold a service charge fee of £15.00 inc vat if an appointment is missed and not cancelled within 24 hours of the repair The customer is to send notification of the cancellation in writing to for cancellation of the repair on the date agreed by both parties (This service charge is to cover the loss of revenue and to cover costs incurred such as petrol and parking costs. You will receive a refund due to cancellation in full less the £15.00 inc service charge applied for a missed booking If your written confirmation is received within 24hours subject to confirmation in writing back from London & Kent Appliance Care you will receive a full refund and no service charge will apply. If the customer gives false information or fails to inform the engineer or any important facts preventing the repair to go head or for the appliance to be diagnosed on booking agreed London & Kent Appliance Care still also with holds the right to charge the customer or hold back the amount of £15 inc vat to cover the cost of the service charge due to repair not going ahead.
  20. Health and safety London & Kent Appliance Care reserve the right to refuse to work on your appliance if the engineer onsite feels that there is a health and safety risk in the property or within the appliance, such as pest problems, hygiene issue or similar problems found onsite. The customer has the sole responsibility to report any health and safety issues at time of booking if you fail to inform us of any health and safety issues then the customer will be subject to a £15 inc service charge and we will cancel the repair and refund the customer in full less the £15 inc vat service charge.
  21. London & Kent Appliance Care are not liable for any costs incurred if a service call is missed or delayed due to unforeseen circumstances a rebooking or refund will be offered upon cancelation/contact made by London & Kent Appliance Care to customer.

Next Day Delivery/non next day delivery items.

22. If in the unfortunate event the appliance becomes unrepairable due to Parts no longer being available or you decide not to go ahead with the repair due to cost of parts the callout charge is still payable as you are paying for the service requested the engineer to come out and diognose the fault with the machine. Part obsoletion is not within our control sometimes down to the age of the appliance or just that the suppliers no longer make the parts for that model 

23 When the engineer /office presents a quotation for parts required to complete the repair the full amount due quoted for parts will be due upon quatation this means to move foward with parts order engineer will require full payment for parts any parts that are specail orders are non refundable at any point if you wish not to continue with the repair oly on specail orders and we would ifform you at point of sale/quotation

24 If parts are ordered by the customer directly  and  parts are ordered wrongly by the customer or arrive in a non fit to fit condition a secound callout charge will apply to continue with the repair to cover the cost of a secound or third visit that could have been prevented 

25 London and kent appliance care will apply a 30 % restcking fee if a customer accepts a quotation the part is ordered then the custoer has a chnge of mind after entering into agreement to place the order for parts refund will be made minus 30 %restock fee wich we would get charged for by our supplier

26 London and kent appliance care reserve the right to not refund in these circumstances only a pcb is  s non refundable part  due to having to reconfigure part to suit product that makes it a non returnable part , parts  which are a special order  currently out of stock are alsoa non refundable item